Dental Implant Treatment


The dental implant procedure needs a face-to-face consultation in the first instance, the Dentist will need to look at your teeth, see if they are in good condition, or if you would require additional work.  They would assess your teeth and gums.

If you required a single tooth implant, or indeed several then everything is possible.  You would need 1 implant for a single tooth implant, but if you needed a few teeth that fall into the same row, it may be possible to have 1 implant supporting different teeth.  This is why we recommend you make an appointment with a very good Dentist who has a history of doing this treatment.

After Care

The treatment is painful, you are working on the jaw bone in your face, so to say its pain free would be misleading.  What is important is that you know how to take care of yourself afterwards.  You will have trouble with basic things and when you think about it, it totally makes sense as your jaw is growing into and around the implants.


  • Ask the Dentist what to expect with your Dental Implant Treatment
  • Find out what foods are best to eat (need to be soft food)
  • Should you get painkillers from the G.P
  • How often can you speak to them at the surgery for advice?


Ask to see work that they have done for patients in the past, ensure its real people, not stock photos purchased from the internet.  Look at their social media accounts as you may see positive and negative (real-life) feedback.  What you need to know is that even with the unexpected happening that you will be taken care of and if there are any issues, they will be resolved as quickly as possible.  All you care about is that the Dentist will be accountable and helpful if you need it after your dental implant treatment.